Who is our target audience?


We take a particular interest to get to people who want to change their lives for the better. We especially focus on women, who as mothers make choices important for the health of their child, and sometimes even the whole family. We convey our message to them in the form of free online magazine that you can download on tablets, as well as we offer a printed version of our quarterly which is available Empik, Inmedio , Relay, Świat Prasy and Ruch newsagents.


That’s why, Hypoallergenic people magazine is a good choice for people who want to know more and learn about healthy lifestyle which is just starting to grow in Poland, that is the lifestyle in harmony with nature, where you treat your health, ecology and safety of other people with respect.

So far we have presented our educational workshops, among others, at the fair Days of Allergy, Gluten Free Expo, conferences for midwives, Mother & Baby fair, Slow Market, Woman’s Day, Family Days, Run Vegan and during eco and baby festivals that took place in 2013-2015. During the workshop we showed the audience that Scandinavian saying „less is more” has an impact on our health. Participants received a leaflet encouraging them to transform their lives. We are an independent organization and the education we propose is not dependent on pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies or other concerns.

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We reach a wide group of people:

  • people oriented towards healthy lifestyle
  • people interested in food and non-food ecology
  • midwives and doctors
  • allergy sufferers
  • SPA owners
  • circles of experts, authors of books with high value merits
  • young people through workshops at schools, as well as their parents
  • other editors and online media through editorial cooperation
  • Polish bloggers
  • the most prominent stars in Poland who have pristine public opinion

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