Let’s go back to our roots

In the contemporary world, almost no one remembers how the life of our ancestors looked like. Work and constant haste have overshadowed true values that people used to follow in the past. For contemporary people it is hard to go back to them. Therefore, we have decided to get inspired by Scandinavia, where people enjoy a different quality of life.

Easy access to organic food, a 6-hour workday and popularization of a healthy lifestyle in the media are the order of the day. Danish Association, Astma-Allergi, serves us as a substantive support and allows us to use their resources that are rich in the materials about allergy and health. Scandinavia inspires us not only in the subject of the health education. We gladly promote minimalistic style, being close to nature and using organic products.

Hypoallergenic people” magazine shows trends that have been popular in the Scandinavian countries for a long time – the culture of biking, upcycling, lifestyle with a sound dose of active relaxation and Danish attitude to pregnancy and motherhood. Health, ecology, mindfulness and safety – these are the flagship attributes that we would like to emphasize. “Hypoallergenic people” magazine is a proper place to promote high quality lifestyle and ecology in our own houses.