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Happy Evolution Project and Hypoallergenic People Magazine wouldn’t have been created if it wasn’t for a lot of people supporting this place with their expertise that can reach millions of people in Poland in an easy and friendly way. They are experts, book authors, artists, journalists, doctors, professors, nutritionists and people related directly to health. Linking experts on the subject and a very carefully selected manufacturers and representatives of the services which are guided by the idea of healthy lifestyle, allows readers to explore this trustworthy place on a regular basis. Doctors from website also trusted us. They recommend Hypoallergenic people magazine as a magazine where you can find comprehensive knowledge to prevent allergies and other diseases of civilization.


We are supported by a lot of institutions and media, such as:

  Polskie Towarzystwo Położnych
  Wydawnictwo Lekarskie PZWL
Polskie Stowarzyszenie Osób z Celiakią i na Diecie Bezglutenowej
Polskie Centrum Edukacji
Organizacja Po Prostu Położna
Magazyn Estilo
Magazyn Zdrowie Menedżera
Magazyn Businesswoman life
Magazyn Spa Inspirations
Magazyn Yoga i Ayurweda
Magazyn Harmonia
Magazyn Dbam o zdrowie

As well as a lot of people from the show business world: Beata Sadowska, Agnieszka Cegielska, Kamila Szczawińska, Bartlomiej Topa, as well as philanthropists and ordinary people who believe that taking care of our health makes sense.

Poznan City Hall took the Honorary Patronage over our educational activities



Non-commercially and with joy

Our activities are not commercial, so we want to look for support from supporters of healthy solutions and people who want to have their contribution in the project Happy Evolution. We give people such an opportunity by selling t-shirts that promote our various activities. They give a sense of participation in the construction of this public health project. This is not a traditional way of raising money for a project, because beyond pure satisfaction, we believe that there are more and more people seeking such initiatives also for the future of their children and even grandchildren.

Hypoallergenic people magazine already reaches over 600 000 people a year in the online channel and many times more in the channel offline – through our partners and patrons and mass events, including TV broadcasts, such as TVN24 and TVN Meteo, as well as through radio stations.

Ultimately, the Happy Evolution project and Hypoallergenic people magazine will be issued in the Internet television. Readers and viewers will also be able to participate in their development through buying products made by disabled people or novice designers in the field of upcycling.

In the long term we want to reach a global audience through television website in the English version (the planned address: ). Our ambition is to contribute to a positive change in the world when it comes to quality of life, family and education of children to protect their health and safety.

We invite you to contribute to the project, which is already socially important and which will certainly become even more important due to the ever increasing readership, the participation of well-known experts and regular issues in a program about healthy lifestyle, broadcast on TVN Meteo Active and TVN24, thanks to which we reach millions of people.

Success means for us growing awareness that each of us has the right to choose and decisions we make about our health do not have to be based just on the argument of the lowest price of products. Healthy lifestyle should not be a fad, a trend among people who are always up-to-date, but it should be a regular part of our everyday life, which is cultivated in a natural and effortless way, without the feeling of self- sacrifice.
Do you want to raise your company’s CSR? Do you think that the assumptions Happy Evolution are compatible with your philosophy?