It is easy to change

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‘Alcaline lifestyle’ shows how to change our habits, restore happiness in our life and embark on the path of a healthy lifestyle forever. Beata Sokolowska is talking to us about her book.

Hipoalergenic Magazine: Beata, what does ‘alcaline’ mean?

Beata Sokołowska: I would say it means being compatibile with your organism and caring about your pH balance. The environment in our body is 80% alkaline so we must really be careful what we eat so that we don’t acidify our body even more. The alkaline lifestyle doesn’t mean that we should eat only alcaline food because we need to have some acidified food as well. What’s important is the right proportion – 70/30. It’s easy – 70% of our food must be alcaline and 30% can be acidifying products. For example, when we have a portion of meat, we should have twice as big salad.

H: Is it really that easy?

BS: We should stick to this one rule and avoid high-processed food (that kind of food is the most acidifying ). Sticking to this one rule is just enough to feel better after a few days. Acid – alcaline balance in nutrition we should treat as a nutrition style, not as a short diet because it doesn’t have side effects in contrary to other diets. For example, high protein diet helps us to lose weight fast but acidifies our organism and it has a negative influence on the liver and kidneys. It also make the level of cholesterol go up.

H: What if the alcaline diet is a fad?

BS: It isn’t a fad for sure. Things which are good for our self balance, for health and vitality cannot be just a trend. In the alcaline diet we shouldn’t only eat vegetables or protein. It’s not an elimination diet but rather a quantitative diet – we just have to implement the 70/30 rule. It turned out that in some places in the world where people live the longest, all they do is keeping the acid – alkaline balance. Easy dishes consisting of vegetables and fruit are the best way to health.

H: Beata, everyone wants to be healthy but not everybody knows how to be on a good diet.alkaliczny-styl-zycia-b-iext28858783

BS: They should begin with some housework, that is we should throw away high-processed food from our fridge and cupboards. I mean not only instant soup or instant sauses but also pseudo-dietary yogurts and bars. After taking a closer look at their ingredients, we will know that they are not as dietary as we think. We should do conscious shopping and really read label. It is relevant even for products advertised as healthy. Sometimes you will be really surprised. If you find sugar at the first, second or third position, you should not buy such a product. The same rule applies to unknown ingredients, like hydrogenated oils or other harmful ingredients. We need to live a simple life. Let’s be grateful and let’s not worry too much. Stress is a great acidifier. Our organism doesn’t repair our mistakes by itself, we must help it. If we do it – the results will be greater than we expect.

H: Your book ‘Alcaline life style’ is like a guide book and a motivational book.

BS: This book is an effect of many years of information searching. It is full of practical advice but also stories about ordinary people like us who totally changed their lives after starting the alcaline diet. On every single page I try to show how to change our life step by step from the very decision that you want to change your life to the implementation of new healthy habits. It is the first book like this in Poland.

H: Who is this book for?

BS: When I was writing it, I had my blog readers in my mind. I wanted to prepare a summary of my blog, present specific facts and give advice. Now I know that my book is for everyone – the young and old, for fast-food fans and vegetarians. Some of them will be inspired to change their lives, others will make sure their diet is right.


Beata Sokolowska – health psychologist, healthy lifestyle promotor and a blogger. A few years ago she took her full responsibility for her well-being and her health. Now she inspires others to do the same, emphasizing that health reform should start in our kitchen. She is guided by the motto “balance in all spheres of life”. She shares her knowledge and experience on her blog, by giving lectures and workshops, as well as in her book that has had its premier recently. Twice a year she organises a virtual group of support for detox which attracts hundreds of people.