About us


I wish to say thank you to all Happy Evolution heroes and I would like to invite more people to create an inspiring place for healthy and happy life.

The author of the project Żaneta Geltz, chief editor of the Hypoallergenic people” magazine


Do we have to chase happiness? Thousands of inspiring interviews, meetings and workshops allowed us to understand that happiness is not about running, but about being able to stop. Happiness means being aware of your needs, finding time to care about your health, your self-development and your peaceful breath. This is how the non-profit Happy Evolution movement was created. We wanted to share the invaluable knowledge that we have accumulated in “Hypoallergenic people” magazine.

We will eat happiness together

Well-being is the first step to happiness. Nothing adds more energy than a properly composed meal. Everything starts on our plates, where we advise you to put healthy vegetables, purifying herbs and local dishes. We invited experts, for whom a healthy diet is not a temporary change, but a lifestyle that preserves longevity and beauty. It’s not just nutritionists, but also people passionate about eco products, owners of small shops and intimate cafes.

What if someone likes jogging?

Let them run! Sport is the elixir of youth and a booster of good mood. However, we want to show you that there are plenty of ways to keep physically fit. Bloggers, known stars and promoters of Eastern traditions encourage you to move every day. We talked to all of them, and you will be able to meet some of them during Happy Evolution workshops.

Only mindfulness

You have to be aware not only of your choices, but also of every single moment. Together with you, we still learn how to be here and now. With the help of therapists and instructors of the mindfulness practice, each of us can finally learn to enjoy the present moment. Happy Evolution is an opportunity to stop, look around and enjoy the process of discovering. We will encourage you to practise meditation and breathing exercises that allow you to get rid of stress and re-energize.

10 steps to harmony

To feel happy you need good health, an opportunity to self-develop and the so-called work-life balance. We create for you a short guide book about efficient ways to bring your body, mind and emotions to a state of homeostasis, which in most of us has been affected by many factors and requires our attention and repair.

Happy Evolution in your life

You can join us if you also look for ways to achieve harmony and be in good health. Sometimes to take the first step you really don’t need much, just a simple change on your plate or going for a walk instead of watching TV. Join us and tell your beloved ones that it is easy to make a change with Happy Evolution. Follow closely the progress of our project and hunt dedicated editions of handicrafts or limited editions of products offered by small manufacturers in order to continually develop this viral inspiration.